About the omnicube®

omnicube®transport coolers, refrigerators, freezers, and combination units are designed and manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are constructed of non-corrosive and heavy duty anodized extruded aluminum with aluminum and stainless steel fasteners. Walls and doors are constructed from 1-3/4″ thick composite Fiberglass-Reinforced-Polyurethane panels. Specially-integrated thermal breaks reduce heat transfer around the entire cabinet.

omnicube® offers three (3) types of refrigeration:

1) Ice Packs:

Using omniice® ice packs in two (2) temperature ranges: Candy (50-60 degrees F) and Food (35-40 degrees F).

2) Coldplate:

In two temperature ranges: 18 degrees F (food) and – 18 degree F (frozen). The system is plugged into shore power overnight. When back in service, fans circulate air over the plate to maintain proper temperature.

3) Off-Engine:

Power to the refrigeration system is provided by the truck engine.

In addition to the standard omnicube® , we can custom manufacture a variety of coolers, refrigerators, freezers, and combination units in special sizes and for special functions based on the client’s specifications. Following are a few examples:

custom omnicube

Custom omnicube® to fit into a limited space

special custom omnicube

Fits your tray, our tray, or both

Custom omnicube Freezer

Cargo van omnicube® accessed through side door

Custom omnicube Mobile Media

Food serving omincube cart has a refrigerated section and a dry storage area for supplies. Surfaces are stainless steel.

Custom omnicube in a Pick-up

omnicube® for the back of a pick-up

Mobile Catering Custom omnicube

Mobile catering omnicube®

To determine which omnicube® model is right for you, or to have an omnicube® custom made, please complete the following questionnaire: