omnivan® Parts

To order parts, call Equipment Innovators at 800-733-3434 or 770-427-9467 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Click on the images to enlarge for part numbers and placement. Then at the bottom of the page is a list of parts and descriptions. If there is an asterisk (*) next to a part number, the person taking your order will need the model # of your omnivan®. The last diagram below shows where to find your model # and serial # on the serial # plate.

Parts 1-10 Parts 17-43

Parts List

Diagram # Part # Description
11 * Panel, Front or Rear
12 * Wall Panel Extrusion
13 Roof Corner Cap
14 CC0011 Marker Light Assembly, Upper Amber
14A CC0013 Bulb Only Upper Marker Light Amber
15 * Skirt, Panel Insert, Front (Needs Color and Length)
16 * Lower Skirt Trim, Front
17 Overhead Pull Strap Assembly
18 EEB0051 Bracket, Upper for omniprop
18A FNA0000 Nut
18B FSA0095 Screws (4 Required)
19 CC0012 omniprop
20 * Gravel Pan
20A Rivets
21 * EED0020 Bumper Assembly Complete (Requires Chassis Make, Model, and Year)
21A Bolt Kit
21B LCA0011 Rubber Insert
22 CC0210 Reflector, Rectangular, Red
23 CC0005 Marker Light Assembly, Lower Red
23A CC0007 Bulb Only, Marker Light Lower Red
24 * Door Divider Complete
24A * Door Divider
24B * Door Divider Snap in Cover
25 * EEF44/Length Counter
26 * EEF75/Color & Length Skirt, Panel Insert (Need Color and Length)
27 * EEF74/Length Lower Skirt Trim
28 CC0130 Reflector, Rectangular, Amber
29 CC0006 Marker Light Assembly, Lower Amber
29A CC0013 Bulb Only, Marker Light Lower Amber
30 EEF69/18 Wind Deflector (Requires 3 Rivets)
31 * CC0115 Door Kit Complete
32 HH0505 Pivot Hinge Pin Hanger Plate
32A FSA0085 Screws, Stainless (3 Required per Plate)
33 HH0405 Pivot Hinge Pin (2 per Door)
33A FPP0035 Roll Pin for Pivot Hinge Pin (2 per Door)
34 * Top Extrusion, Door (w/Pivot Hinge Pins Installed)
35 * EEF0200 Side Extrusion, Door (2 per Door)
36 EEB0050 Bracket, Lower for omniprop
36A FNA0000 Nut
36B FSA0095 Screws (2 Required)
37 CC0035 Beehive Interior Light
37A TS 211-2 Bulb
37B CC0036 Lens
38 CD0030 Switch, Door Rectangular, NO-NC Light and Door Open Warning
39 EEN0215 Striker Plate
39A FSA0100 Screws (2 Required)
39B FR0020 Rivets (2 Required)
40 HE0010 Grab Handle Chrome
40A FSA0069 Screws (4 Required)
41 HL0015 Paddle Latch Locking Rotary (Need Key #)
41A HL0016 Back Up Spacer
41B FSB0045 Screws, Tamper Proof SST (4 Required)
41C MC0000 Screw Driver Tip, Tamper Proof
42 HL0015 Lock Cylinder (Need Key #)
42A HL0018 Key (Need Key #)
43 * Bottom Extrusion, Door (Milled for Lock)