Construction Advantages

Over the years many of our customers have shared some amazing stories about the strength and construction advantages of the omnivan®. One company had their omnivan® sideswiped by a Boeing 747, but with quick and easy repairs their truck was back in service within a few days. omnivan® has several unique construction advantages:

  • Constructed with all corrosive-resistant materials inside and out. To clean, simply use warm soapy water and a brush. Drain holes allow for proper drainage.
  • Fully insulated fiberglass reinforced walls, floors, and roof panels throughout with UV inhibitor. Seamless, permanent-finish, smooth exterior provides for optimum graphics.
  • All aluminum is extruded 6063 T-6 aluminum. This approaches the level of strength and rigidity of aircraft aluminum and provides for maximum strength with the lightest possible weight.
  • Interior walls and partitions are locked into the roof and floor panels providing even more strength.
  • The wall construction forms an elongated “I” beam shape, the strongest structural shape used in building architecture.
  • Easily repaired due to modular design. Most repairs are made with simple, readily available hand tools. Most repairs are made with simple tools and in 30 minutes to an hour. Bumpers are easily removed by removing bolts.
  • Fully sealed sub-frame made of tabular steel easily transfers to a new chassis. Virtually every city has a garage that is equipped with forklifts and welding equipment where the body transfer can be done (usually within a day), or we can transfer the body for you at our facility.

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