About the omnicube®

omnicube®transport coolers, refrigerators, freezers, and combination units are designed and manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are constructed of non-corrosive and heavy duty anodized extruded aluminum with aluminum and stainless steel fasteners. Walls and doors contain 1-3/4″ polyurethane core and FRP skins. Special thermal breaks reduce heat transfer around entire cabinet.

omnicube® offers three (3) types of refrigeration:

1) Non-Mechanical:

omnicubes® with non-mechanical refrigeration contain omniice® ice packs in two (2) temperature ranges: Candy (50-60 degrees F for chocolate) and Food (35-40 degrees F). The ice pack is filled with a Eutectic solution that freezes inside a freezer and is inserted into the insulated cabinet to absorb the heat from the inside of the cabinet as well as the product.

2) Mechanical – Coldplate:

The coldplate refrigeration system uses a condensor and 134-A refrigerant to freeze the plate. We typically use either an 18 degree plate (for food) or an minus 18 degree plate (frozen). The system is plugged into power when the truck returns to the facility and is left to run overnight. The plate freezes and absorbs the heat from the inside of the cabinet with the aid of circulating fans. The fans circulate the air over the plate to maintain the proper temperature as the truck goes on its route during the day. There is no power required for the coldplate since it is already frozen and the fans are powered by the 12VDC system on the truck. The coldplate system is a closed system and unless there is damage to the system there should be no need to recharge the freon.

3) Mechanical – Off Engine:

Off-engine is just what it sounds like. The power of the refrigeration system is provided by the engine. When the engine is running the condensor pump can run. When the engine is stopped the pump does not work. For long stops with short run times in between, the off engine system would need to have the truck engine continue running to keep the unit cold. The system typically uses either 134-A or 404-A refrigerant.

There is an option for an electric stand-by condensor that is powered by an electric motor plugged in just like the coldplate system. If you don’t have electric stand-by then you cannot leave product in the truck overnight. Off-engine units use hoses to move the refrigerant and therefore require service to replace the hoses periodically due to wear and tear.

The omnicube® with mechanical refrigeration exceeds food safety regulations by providing convenient transport refrigeration in the truck body at freezer, refrigerator, or cooler temperatures.

Custom omnicubes

In addition to the standard omnicube® models we build, we can custom manufacture a variety of coolers, refrigerators, freezers, and combination units in special sizes and for special functions based on the client’s specifications. Following are a few examples:


Custom omnicube® to fit into a limited space


Fits your tray, our tray, or both


Cargo van omnicube® accessed through side door


Food serving omincube cart has a refrigerated section and a dry storage area for supplies. Surfaces are stainless steel.


omnicube® for the back of a pick-up


Mobile catering omnicube®

To determine which omnicube® model is right for you, or to have an omnicube® custom made to meet your exact needs, please complete the following questionnaire: