omnirak™ Garment Racks

omnirak locking clothes rack is a superior patented locking clothes pole system designed especially for fabricare. When unlocked, clothing hangers slide easily on the “slick rail”. When locked, the locking device clamps down on the hangers and locks them in place. Your garments won’t slide or fall off. omnirak eliminates double handling or reworking fallen items because with the omnirak, garments stay put.

omnirak locking clothes poles are standard in the Fabricare omnivan and available for other vehicles.

omnirak Locking Garment Pole in Open Position

omnirak™ Locking Garment Pole in the OPEN Position

omnirak Locking Garment Pole in the Closed Position

omnirak™ Locking Garment Pole in the CLOSED Position

omnirak Locking Clothes PolesLocking Clothes PolesElephant Hook for omnirak

If you’re not ready to own an omnivan for Fabricare, your vehicle can be upfitted with the omnirak Locking Garment Pole System. omnirak can be shipped to you and installed by you or your technician, or bring your vehicle to us, and we will install it for you. See the van below with omnirak installed.

omnirak in Van
omnirak in Van

Pricing shown is for “by-the-foot” quantities. For longer lengths, combine two omnirak standard lengths. Specify your required finished length. We will cut to your exact specifications. A slick rail will be furnished to cover the total length without seams. omnirak is easily installed in most any vehicle and works great with gravity line loading.

Call 1-800-733-3434 to order.