omnivan® Accessories

omniclip® Fluorescent Bulb Holders help eliminate breakage and storage problems. omniclip® safely holds all sizes of fluorescent tubes, and mounts out of the way (overhead or vertically). Each set of two omniclips holds 4 tubes.

Each holder is 9-1/8″ W x 2-3/4″ D x 3″ H. The bands keep the bulbs from sliding. Position the band at the base for large bulbs and at the top for small bulbs.

omniclip Fluorescent Bulb Holders
omniclip Fluorescent Bulb Holder
omniclip Band Positions

Powered Exhaust Vent rated at 900cfm

Fantastic Powered Exhaust Vent
Item# Description
RTR-KY0021 Powered Exhaust Vent – Installed
KY0021 Powered Exhaust Vent – Kit

Tank Holders

Tank Holders
Item# Description
GV-CO2-S CO2 Single Tank Holder
GV-CO2-D CO2 Dual Tank Holder
GV-BTANK “B” Tank, Cylinder Type Holder
GV-FREON 30# or 50# Freon Tank Holder

Hand Truck Racks

Handtruck Rack
Item# Description
RSV-0015 Hand Truck Rack – Inside, under shelf
RSV-0020 Hand Truck Rack – Inside full toe
ROV-0040 Hand Truck Rack – Outside, rear
EEP-0045 Hand Truck Rack – Kit

K-10 Eyeball Mirror

K-10 Eyeball MirrorK-10 Eyeball Mirror
Item# Description
HM0017 K-10 Eyeball Mirror – Installed
HM0018 K-10 Eyeball Mirror – Kit