omnivan® truck bodies are widely recognized for their high quality materials, workmanship, and design. There are so many reasons to choose an omnivan® truck body that we won’t name them all, however here are ten:

omnivan® bodies are lightweight and tough, and carefully designed and constructed of fiberglass, stainless steel, and extruded aluminum (not sheet metal).

With the omnivan®, replacement costs are lower. The omnivan® can typically outlast several chassis, so replacement simply means replacing the chassis. Even with all customizing and graphics in place, the body easily transfers to a new chassis normally in less than a day. We keep design files on every omnivan® built, so replacement parts or future modifications are easily accomodated.

The omnivan® is easy to drive and maneuver. No special drivers license is required. The lower profile of the omnivan® will fit in many height-restricted areas such as parking decks and garages improving accessibility to accounts.

Because the omnivan® is customized to your specific needs, it offers superior organization and accessibility. Supplies and tools are stored in defined areas, quick to locate and easy to retrieve. When you buy an omnivan®, you are buying time — more time to service more customers. The entire body of the truck is used for cargo with no wasted space. Dimensions of length, height, and width are based on your specific requirements, and the omnivan® can be mounted on the chassis of your choice.

Compared to step vans, bay loaders, and some other truck bodies, the omnivan® gets improved gas mileage. Less frontal area means less wind resistance, and less resistance means less fuel consumption.

Repair and maintenance costs are lower with an omnivan®. Because of its modular construction, if a small section becomes damaged, simply order replacement parts for that section. No major bodywork is necessary. Most omnivan® repairs are done with simple tools, in minimal time, and at minimal cost.

The omnivan® allows cargo to be lifted properly without arms extended upward and with less physical stress. Since the aisle is outside, the driver keeps both feet firmly on the ground. There is no need for crawling, bending, or stooping, and therefore, less risk of injury.

Because the omnivan® can have doors on all three sides (left, right, and rear), loading and unloading is easier and faster.

The smooth exterior panels of the omnivan® make the perfect moving billboard for your organization’s logo and graphics. Studies show that a truck travelling 24,000 miles per year gives 16 million advertising impressions per year. An attractive omnivan® reflects the quality image you want to project to your customers. The omnivan® is so easy to clean. Simply use warm soapy water and a brush. Drain holes allow for proper drainage.

Exceptional interior lighting is standard on all models. Lighting is controlled by a master toggle switch and separate door switches. When a door is open, the lights come on. Also, every omnivan® is prewired for a security alarm and each door has a recessed, stainless steel lock for exceptional security.

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