HVAC Truck Bodies

There are three huge advantages to using an omnivan® for Heating and Air Conditioning: 1. Superior organization, 2. Accessibility, and 3. Increased operating efficiency. How many times has your service team made scheduled stops only to find that they didn’t have the correct parts? The result is an unnecessary trip, wasted time, and probably an unhappy customer.

The HVAC omnivan® is a traveling maintenance unit on wheels resulting in a much higher element of efficiency and organization. You can provide a higher level of service to your customers while saving valuable time as well.

The two-door HVAC Maintenance omnivan® is equipped with:

  • Filter shelf
  • H/D motor shelf
  • Parts manual storage
  • Three high 30 lb. Freon racks
  • Hooks on ceiling
  • Oxy/Acetylene retainer
  • Reclaimer retainer
  • Three piece ladder rack

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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAcustom-hvac-truck-body-coker1-800custom-hvac-service-truck-body-coker7-800KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAcustom-hvac-service-truck-body-2-800