Service, Maintenance & Installation

Maintenance/Service omnivan

omnivan® is simply the most functional service and maintenance vehicle you can own. Service companies across the country are providing better customer service and increasing productivity by using the omnivan®

An omnivan® offers easy access to tools and equipment from all three sides of the truck body. Everything is stored in specially designed bins and on shelves that maximize interior cargo space. Parts bins (available in three drawer sizes) for small parts are available in swing-out walls or can be located on shelves on either side of the body. Cabinets can be combined to provide all the small parts storage you need. Customized holders for tools and equipment are also available.

The omnivan® can be customized to service and install from one vehicle, with the front as a service body and plenty of room in the rear for delivery of parts and/or equipment (open storage).

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Lock & Key omnivanThe Service and Maintenance omnivan® can be designed as a workshop on wheels with plenty of space for organized storage plus room to work.

Roof RackRoof racks for ladders and other items can be installed along with an extended bumper for access to the roof rack.

Vise ViseA special storage space for your vise on the inside of the body is available, with a receiver for the vise and other tools on the outside.

Following are just a few of the options available with the omnivan®:

Under body tool box1. Under-body tool box for carrying additional tools.

Tank Holders, etc.2. Secure, lockable hand truck racks for the rear, front, or inside.

Hand Truck Rack3. Tank holders, power cord reels, and tool box anchors.

Floor Wells4. In-floor wells for parts cleaning or additional storage (ideal for items better kept out of sight).

Hoist5. Swing arm hoist that does the lifting for you. Hoist can be located in the side or rear compartment allowing one person to safely load what would normally take two people or more.

omniclip Fluorescent Bulb Holders6. omniclip® Fluorescent Bulb Holders and ceiling mounted hooks.

Acro BinsParts bin drawers are available in three drawer sizes. Cabinets can be combined to provide all the small parts storage you need.

Parts Bin Shelves and Swing Out WallParts bin shelves and swing-out bin walls are also available.

We can custom design the omnivan® for any type of service or maintenance. Click below for more information on the omnivan® for these specific service industries: