FloorwellsDeep wells in the floor of the omnivan® are one way to get extra height without raising the roof (perfect for long gowns or draperies).

The omnivan® for Fabricare is equipped with specially designed omnirak® Locking Garment Poles. omnirak® is a superior patented locking pole system. Once clothes are in place, flip down the locking device, and clothes stay put, keeping them neat and unwrinkled.

For more information on omnirak® Locking Garment Poles click here

Our fabricare customers include dry cleaners, formal wear, dust control, linen service, uniform rental, apparel manufacturing, and coin-op.  Contact us today about your fabricare omnivan®.

Fold Down Shelf

In a Fabricare omnivan® all cargo has its own separate compartment. Garments, bundles, shop towels, rugs, and linens all have their own place. There is no wasted space in the omnivan®.

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Fabricare omnivan Fabricare omnivan Fabricare omnivan