Why Equipment Innovators?

The answer is in our name.

Innovation … it’s what we’re all about at Equipment Innovators. That and improvement.  Shouldn’t that be the result of innovation? For example, our use of composite material instead of sheet metal in the construction of our bodies results in more body configurations, reduced susceptibility to corrosion, and lighter weight for better fuel efficiency.

It isn’t just the material we use; it’s the design of our trucks that sets us apart. The unique body design yields improved operator productivity and better safety and security for bulky, fragile, or awkward cargo. In addition, the design reduces workplace injuries.

It also isn’t just about the product; it’s the experience and expertise we bring to every customer relationship. We have learned a great deal about the industries we serve in the past forty-eight plus years. Because of this, we can provide fit-for-purpose truck and equipment solutions to meet the unique vocational requirements of our customers. We know our success depends on yours.