Equipment Innovators proudly provides client references upon request.



“I would like to compliment your engineering and design staff for the many features that have been incorporated in the omnivan body system. Full service bodies offer the organization necessary to run our routes more efficiently. The many shelves allow us to carry a variety of products without having to off load many cases to get to a particular flavor.

Vending repair bodies offer highly organized parts and equipment-carrying ability that allows our employees to: 1. Find needed parts quickly, 2. Avoid having cluttered areas in the body, and 3. Allow a larger variety of smaller parts.

Side and rear doors provide protection from inclement weather… Thanks for a job well done.”

RB, Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Charlotte, Inc., Charlotte, NC.


“Thanks so much for the repair to my delivery truck yesterday. I find it very impressive that any company stands behind their product and makes adjustments after six years. Rest assured that if I know of anyone in the market for a special-use truck, your company will be highly recommended. Once again, thanks.”

BK, Crown Fabricare, Marietta, GA.


” … They look professional, my drivers love them … and they hold so much — it’s like getting two trucks for the price of one … The whole concept of the omnivan is logical. It’s a system that works for us. omnivan is truly a fabricare vehicle … omnivan is efficient. There’s nothing like it on the market today. I know, I’ve looked.”

JP, Fashion Care, Atlanta, GA.


“I received my omnivan in November 1992. …I was very skeptical and unsure about designing a personally designed Farrier truck. I had a lot of ideas but didn’t know how they would work, or if all my ideas were valid. …I called Equipment Innovators and … we had the truck layed out in a couple of faxes and phone calls. … I flew down from New Jersey to pick up my truck. Everyone was very nice and the truck turned out better than I ever dreamed. I get nothing but compliments on its looks, efficiency, and the craftsmanship of the truck. I get compliments not only from farriers, but electricians, plumbers, carpenters, men and women of all trades.”

JC, Jim Cahill Farrier Service, Pennington, NJ.


“It’s been a while since we purchased the omnivan body from you to develop our new extrication vehicle … The omnivan body is working very well and we are quite happy with it … We appreciate all the help you gave us in the design of this vehicle.”

RW, Independence Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc., Independence, VA.


“As you are aware, we at Lee Air Conditioners have been using your omnivan bodies in our service department for years. … We like them for the following reasons:

  1. We can easily change bodies to a new truck which we do here at our plant. The bodies outlast several trucks .”
  2. Tools and service parts are easily accessible by the service technician.
  3. The access doors act as shelters in case of rain when working from the truck.
  4. We use smaller trucks with these bodies which operate more economically than the larger vans.
  5. The cab space only is heated and cooled which promotes prompt comfort for the employees in harsh weather.
  6. It makes a good marketing tool by being attractive and easily customized with logos and advertising.

There are other reasons for our use which include your prompt service, but I feel I have given enough reasons to encourage a thinking person to use your product.”

JL, Lee Air Conditioners, Inc., Durham, NC.


“I wanted to take the time to inform you as to how much benefit your omnivan truck bodies have been to our company. My route people were a bit hesitant at first. Now they won’t work out of anything but omnivans

omnivan’s three large doors make parts, tools and equipment incredibly accessible. omnivan allows us to carry all inventory in an organized fashion. With the trucks making 8-11 service calls each day, our old vans made cleaning and restocking a frustrating and time-consuming job. With omnivans, that ‘job’ disappeared. Our omnivan bodies are 7 ‘trouble-free’ years old. They look and function like new! This is absolutely the best service equipment investment our business has made.”

LM, Roto-Rooter, San Luis Obisbo, CA.


“omnivan is the best value on the market; it’s as simple as that. My drivers work faster and better than walk-in or cargo van drivers. My staff can do more work in less time. Their sales productivity increases far exceed the additional vehicle purchase price. The best financial decision an operator can make is to decide to enjoy the incredible ROI available with omnivan. Your products stand the test of time. We have the 15th body you built still in our fleet. Structurally and aesthetically, it is still outstanding. I am just as proud to have that unit on the routes as I am having a brand new unit.”

CTC, Cromer Food Services, Inc., Anderson, SC.


“In regard to the truck, … we are very proud to have one of the few units in operation in the Bay Area. It has lived up to all of my expectations, and our customers are very impressed with the professional and efficient manner in which our serviceman is able to service them. It has already proven itself to be more productive and an excellent long-term investment. I thoroughly enjoyed driving it from Marietta back to San Francisco …”

DH, A Coffee Service, Redwood City, CA.


“Thank you for this opportunity to share my experience with one of your products, the omnicube candy cooler. The introduction of the omnicube into our business was a profitable turning point for us. We were using styrofoam coolers previously which was really a hassle. The omnicube is a superbly constructed piece of equipment. We now have 28 and are pleased with each one. … Thank you for a great product. We look forward to obtaining more units as our growth permits.”

DE, S&K Services, Anaheim, CA.


“Yes, it is true, the omnivan used by Marvin has eliminated his back problem. Before the omnivan, he was working out of a step van. He did have occasional back problems requiring chiropractic treatment. He felt these were the result of his daily work. Since he has been working from the omnivan he has not had a work related back episode. … I asked him if he felt the omnivan was easier on his back than the step van. He said most definitely. He loves the truck and says that it makes his job much easier. Of course we have him doing more stops.”

RY, Central Vending, Madison, WI.


“Your recent shipment of branded carriers are by far the best quality made to date. I thought you might want to hear this considering in a time when there are so many negative things going on, Equipment Innovators is producing a quality product.”

JS, Dunkin Donuts, Clifton, NJ.


“I am writing to you regarding the omnivan built for me by your company in 1991. I cannot even begin to tell you how much this one decision has changed the life of my company for the better. The capabilities of the omnivan far outweigh any other vehicle I have ever used for route servicing in the last 25 years. I am very grateful to those who helped in designing the omnivan to suit my needs. It’s proven to have worked out very well and has cut my route time back by about 50%. Storage and accessibility are wonderful and every inch of space is well used. The material used in building the omnivan is tough and durable and can handle the unintentional roughness that vending sometimes brings. The feature that I appreciate the most is that, to some degree, I would be able to redesign my omnivan should I feel a need for it. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering adding it to their fleet. Thank you again for the wonderful work your company is doing. I appreciate your staff and enjoy working with them. They are always pleasant, ready, and willing to help. I will be contacting you soon to design and purchase a smaller omnivan unit.”

HM, H.V. Mendes, Inc., Kailua-Kona, HI.


“I thought I would write a letter on the performance of the omnivan my wife and I picked up Christmas Day 1990. It has been exceptionally useful in the servicing of our route saving much time in the organization of product and eliminating that awkward servicing used on my previous rear end delivery trucks. I have had no frozen soda or any other product as the inside heater on the omnivan has worked quite well.”

KC, Valdez Distributing, Valdez, AK.


“Thanks for your interest in my satisfaction with the omnivan body I purchased a couple of years ago. I am still very pleased with the purchase as it has allowed me to expand my route and profits with a lot less manual labor compared to working out of my old cargo van. I get lots of compliments on how neat and sharp my truck looks, but I tell them it works even better than it looks.”

DC, D & L Vendors, Lynchburg, VA.


“I would like to take this opportunity to express my opinion on the omnivan soda delivery vehicle. The vehicle has been exceptional. We have been able to save a tremendous amount of time (money) and at the same time we have increased the number of stops per day with your vehicle. Prior to the omnivan, we were using a 4-door maxi-van that would only last about two years. As I see it, the omnivan should last from 15-20 plus years. There is a tremendous savings involved there. The large capacity we are now capable of delivering has been a huge bonus. The accessibility to the product from ground level safeguards against back injury and insurance claims. Our driver’s reaction was ‘why did you guys wait so long to buy this vehicle?’. He absolutely loves it. There have been two situations where we needed some assistance from you. Because of the incredibly cold weather in Maine the gasket on the doors had deteriorated. The other occassion was a problem with the rotary striker plate for the latch on the door. On both occassions, your sales department sent the replacement materials and we were back in action. My point being that the customer service of your company has also been a bonus. Once again thank you for a fine vehicle. We are very pleased with it and have definite plans to purchase another vehicle in the very near future.”

DM, Fred’s Vending, Waterville, ME.


“Just a short note to say ‘thank you’ and to pay tribute to the excellent product that you sell. As you know, in 1985 we purchased five omnivan boxes to place on our Toyota truck chassis. With being in the wholesale flower business and having our trucks continually on the road delivering our product, it is important for us to have vehicles that not only are light in weight and allow us to carry a heavier load, but also that stay cool especially in the hot weather thereby allowing our highly perishable product to be delivered in good condition. Last, but not least, of course, the light weight allows for better fuel efficiency. Once again, we appreciate the fine products that you sell.”

KF, Halifax Floral Co., Inc., Providence, RI.


“Recently one of our fire apparatus suffered a mishap. We do not like to have any equipment repaired, but I would like to take the time to thank you and your staff for the treatment we received during repairs. From the time we arrived until the time we left your entire staff treated us wonderfully. In today’s society it is rare to find the care and attention that your employees gave to us and our equipment. The department has been well pleased with the equipment you built for us and are looking forward to further business together. Again, thank you and your staff for the pleasure of doing business together.”

NB, Forsyth County Fire Department, Cumming, GA.


“Until recently my company used large styrofoam coolers to transport perishable items. Product had to be lifted out of the box, was hard to locate, and by the end of the day was starting to deteriorate in the heat. Once we switched to omnicube candy coolers a minimum of 1/2 hour per day per route was saved because of the ease in getting to the product, plus product spoilage has been eliminated. omnicube will pay for itself — fast!”

GM, Gold Country Vending Systems, Shingle Springs, CA.


“I just wanted to say thank you for your special efforts in production of the first two truck coolers for Vendala. I realize the problems in manufacturing these two units before this new cooler line was put into production required a lot of special attention. I also wanted to let you know how the units worked out. Simply stated, the answer is ‘Great!’.”

CE, Vendala, Inc., Oxford, AL.