Design your own commercial vehicle interior. Whether you own a small business with one vehicle or work for a large company with a fleet, we can upfit your vehicle (Step van, Cargo van, or Hi-cube) body with the same components used to optimize the omnivan® ShelfSystem Shelving, omnirak® Beverage Racks, omnirak® Locking Clothes Poles, High Security Safes, and other vehicle accessories such as roof racks, ladder racks, omniclip® fluorescent bulb holders, etc.

We can provide almost anything you need to customize your work truck (from freon tank holders and power cord reels to interior lighting, AC power, and alarms). Make the most of your vehicle and create the arrangement that’s right for you with drawers, bins, and shelving for practically any application or industry from vending to service/maintenance.

We can provice a total package including the chassis, body, and interior which in most cases saves time and money. However, if you have a source for trucks you prefer to use, just have the vehicle delivered to us and we will install the interior. Alternatively, we can ship the interior to you for installation in your area.

ShelfSystem Shelving:

The ShelfSystem shelving used in the omnivan® can also be installed in step vans, cargo vans, box trucks, and other vehicles to maximize space and utilization. Shelfsystem is constructed of heavy duty extruded aluminum and can be reinforced to support soda. Shelves are adjustable on 3/4″ centers vertically, and sloped 2-1/4″ to rear for product retention. Kits are available for local installation. Sized for your van. Shelves are 19″ deep.

ShelfSystem Shelving ShelfSystem Shelving in Hi Cube Shelf System ShelfSystem Shelving in Coke Van ShelfSystem Shelving ShelfSystem in Step Van ShelfSystem Shelving with Tank Holders and Safe Shelving non-skid liner


Pepperidge Farm with Shelf System Shelving Pepperide Farm with Shelf System Shelving Pepperidge Farm with Shelf System Shelving Pepperidge Farm with Shelf System Shelving

If you need a vehicle upfitted for Vending, click HERE to see drawings of typical upfit vending truck interiors.

To help determine your configuration needs, print and complete the following applicable form: