omnitop™ Toppers

Built just like an omnivan®, the omnitop Topper provides the same long-life hydraulic lift doors. omnitop Toppers fit on your existing pick-up truck bed. Optional door style and interior up-fitting allow you to design a Topper that meets your specific work needs and your budget. Our Toppers provide maximum security, durability, high storage capacity, and accessibility. They’re ideal for pest control, maintenance, and service.

omnitop can be mounted on any pick-up truck model. Height and door layout are designed to your specifications, and interior compartments are customized to meet your specific needs.

omnitop Toppers are constructed of aluminum, stainless steel, and composite panels. The interior is insulated to protect tools and equipment. The omnitop won’t rust and never needs to be painted.

omnitop Topper omnitop Topper omnitop Topper Side View omnitop Topper Rear

The following options are available for the omnitop Topper:

  • Electrical outlet, duplex with GFCI from ground line with waterproof hull connector
  • Door open warning buzzer and ight in cab of truck
  • Rotary two-position latch instead of slam latch
  • Meter box with four or seven compartments
  • Roof mounted marker lights, front and rear
  • Parts bin wall with 22 plastic parts bins
  • Ladder rack lock, street side
  • Ladder rack lock, curb side
  • Ladder rack, three-section
  • Heat, Electric
  • Interior Lights
  • Back-up alarm
  • Stop light, high mount
  • Window in panel or door
  • Racking with pocket bins
  • Cylinder cage with shelf
  • Electrical Outlet

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Flat omnitop Toppers:

onnitop Topper for AGL Flat omnitop Topper flat omnitop Topper for AGL Flat omnitop Topper compartments Flat omnitop Topper for AGL Flat omnitop Topper

Other variations:

omnitop Topper Farrier Topper Fire Extinguisher Topper omnitop Topper

Topper Strength

Strength, durability, and quality craftsmanship are essential in all of our products. This tough crew can vouch for that!