Innovan™ Testimonials

“We at Lee Air Conditioners have been using your truck bodies in our service department for years for the following reasons:

  1. We can easily change bodies to a new truck at our plant. The bodies outlast several trucks .”
  2. Tools and service parts are easily accessible by the service technician.
  3. The access doors act as shelters in case of rain when working from the truck.
  4. We use smaller trucks with these bodies which operate more economically than the larger vans.
  5. It makes a good marketing tool by being attractive and easily customized with logos and adver tising.

JL, Lee Air Conditioners, Inc., Durham, NC.


“Your truck bodies are the best value on the market; it’s as simple as that. My drivers work faster and better than walk-in or cargo van drivers. My staff can do more work in less time. Their sales productivity increases far exceed the additional vehicle purchase price. The best financial decision an operator can make is to decide to enjoy the incredible ROI available with your produc ts. They stand the test of time. We have the 15th body you built still in our fleet. Structurally and aesthetically it is outstanding. I am just as proud to have that unit on the routes as I am having a brand new unit.”

CTC, Cromer Food Services, Inc., Anderson, SC