Innovan™ Advantages


1. Excellent Materials and Construction

The Innovan is primarily built of light weight materials such as extruded aluminum and FRP laminated panels. According to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, the Innovan and similar light weight truck bodies can save you 10% to 12% on gas mileage compared to steel truck bodies.

2. Outstanding Design

The Innovan features doors on all three sides making loading and unloading easier, faster and safer. An independent Georgia Tech Study found that operators experienced a better loading and unloading time by 19% compared to traditional truck bodies.

3. Superior Ergonomics

The Innovan operator keeps both feet firmly on the ground, allowing him to operate in his power zone lifting cargo properly with less physical stress. An independent insurance study suggests that a single workers compensation claim can cost your business as much as $50,000.

4. Exceptional Interior Customization

The Innovan eliminates wasted aisle space, providing 30% more work capacity than similar size truck bodies. Special sizes and packages are available for all different types of service contractors.

*** Picture above is the INNO 102-84-54S with optional parts bin wall.

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