Food Delivery

An omnivan® customized for your specific food and meal delivery needs offers many advantages; Among them – Increased Storage Capacity, Superior Organization, and Increased Operating Efficiency.

With an omnivan® for Food and Meal Delivery you can be assured that your temperature sensitive products are being received in a timely and efficient manner. The omnivan® can be equipped with slide racks for convenient accessibility, refrigeration for cold food transport, and enough room to store your dry goods.

The omnivan® for Food and Meal Delivery has convenient racks for great organization and easy access, and separate insulated compartments that can be maintained at different temperatures. Product is at waist level for easy handling.

The Food and Meal omnivan® is constructed throughout with U.S.D.A.-accepted materials with no rust or corrosion. All panels are seamless and insulated. All joints are silicone sealed. All hardware and fasteners are stainless steel or aluminum. The omnivan® cleans easily inside and out — merely hose down and drip dry. All compartments have dual floor drains with kazoo tubes.

Electric stand-by available. Off-Engine refrigeration can be installed locally at customer’s location.

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omnivan for Food and Meal Delivery Food and Meal omnivan trays Food and Meal omnivan

omnivan® for Refrigerated / Cold Delivery

  • Thermal curtains keep the cold inside
  • Product is at waist level for easy handling
  • Convenient individual doors
omnivan for Refrigerated Delivery omnivan for Refrigerated Delivery

Hot Shot Delivery onmnivan

omnivan® Refrigerated HOT SHOT Delivery Body

  • Fits full sized pick up chassis (no CDL required)
  • Small total unit size (easy parking/driving)
  • Off-engine refrigeration (ready to go anytime)
  • Step bumper (easier to enter body)
  • Locking exterior hand truck rack keeps the hand truck easy to get in and out of the cargo area, allowing full use of the interior.
Hot Shot Delivery Body Rear Custom Food and Meal Hotshot Truck Body Hand Truck Rack

omnicube® Combination refrigerator/freezer in a Ford Connect (left) and Chevy Express (right) for Meals on Wheels

omnicube in Ford Connect for Meals on Wheels omnicube in Chevy for Meals on Wheels

omnivan® for Frozen Food/Meat Delivery

omnivan for frozen/meat delivery omnivan for frozen/meat delivery