FloorwellsDeep wells in the floor of the omnivan® are one way to get extra height without raising the roof (perfect for long gowns or draperies).

The omnivan® for Fabricare is equipped with specially designed omnirak® Locking Garment Poles. omnirak® is a superior patented locking pole system. Once clothes are in place, flip down the locking device, and clothes stay put keeping them neat and unwrinkled.

For more information on omnirak® Locking Garment Poles click here

The omnivan® for Fabricare is designed and engineered to increase operating efficiency and reduce labor costs in fabricare delivery. Fabricare professionals helped develop and test our fabricare equipment taking into consideration the cost and handling of both short and long garments and the ease in which both cleaned and to-be-cleaned garments can be transported. Our fabricare customers include dry cleaners, formal wear, dust control, linen service, uniform rental, apparel manufacturing, and coin-op. From industrial laundries to coin operated laundries, the fabricare omnivan® makes sense.

Fold Down ShelfOptional fold down shelf for dust control or folded boxes.

In a Fabricare omnivan® all cargo has its own separate compartment. Garments, bundles, shop towels, rugs, linens, etc. all have their own place. There is no wasted space in the omnivan®. For dirty cargo, you can use the space below the hanging garments, you can order extra compartments, or if you prefer, the traditional roof rack can be installed.

Dry cleaning and uniforms must be delivered in perfect condition, non wrinkled and crisp – this is easy with the omnivan®. The omnivan® provides more space for clothing than a conventional van. The storage area is well lit, improves or eliminates delivery errors, and increases overall efficiency. Collapsible shelves can fold down giving you more hanging space when needed.

For big jobs, there is an 18 foot omnivan® with 77 pole feet of hanging space inside. Other sizes start at 7 feet with 22 pole feet of hanging space. You have the opportunity to be involved in the design and configuration of your truck thus assuring your needs are met without getting more than you need.

For coin route operations and coin laundries we have the perfect omnivan® organizer with parts cabinets, parts bins, and tool box storage areas — even custom shelving for agitators and transmissions, generous service manual storage, and a high security safe.

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