Display & Training

You can use an attractive and organized omnivan® for demonstrating, displaying, selling, or training. Show your products and services in the best possible light anytime anywhere with an omnivan®.

The omnivan® below has special tools and equipment for bearing service and installation training. Tools and parts are attractively arranged. An omnivan® all decked out with equipment for training and sales is the perfect marketing and training tool. It provides a moving billboard to advertise your graphics as it travels around the country. The omnivan® can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be.

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Display/Training omnivan omnivan for Display-Training omnivan for Display and Training


Below is a Fire and Rescue Display omnivan® for equipment display, sales, and/or training. It displays your equipment as it actually would be used to let potential customers see a real world view of your products.

omnivan for Fire & Rescue Display/Training omnivan for Fire & Rescue Training/Display omnivan for Display/Training


The omnivan® is ideal for sales and follow-up training. Tools and parts are shown to their best advantage. Equipment stays secure and organized in dedicated storage areas minimizing or eliminating any damage to your cargo.

The omnivan® below is used to transport telescopes and other educational equipment to city schools to let students star gaze. The smooth exterior side of the body is used as a projection screen during evening classes. The interior is humidity and temperature controlled to protect sensitive equipment and prevent condensation on and in the telescopes.

The three-panel rear door provides a personnel door as well as full access when needed.

Under body storage with lockable slide-out tray keeps the generator secure and out of sight during transit. The generator is used to power the projector and lights when out in the field. Trays pull out for maximum ventilation while the generator is running. Self-closing shore plug connections power the HVAC and dehumidifier while the omnivan® is parked at its home base.

omnivan for LSU astronomy Inside LSU Astronomy omnivan LSU Astronomy omnivan