Beverage Delivery

An independent study was made by a national bottling company comparing the Beverage Delivery omnivan® to bay loaders for full service routes. The study determined that due to the omnivan’s superior maneuverability, access to products, and separation by brand on the truck, the omnivan® improved route efficiency by 24%. Three (3) omnivans did the same job as four (4) bay loaders in the same timeframe. Drivers gained an average of two stops per day in 12% less time. They also found that the omnivan® increased driver morale and efficiency while requiring no special drivers license. This same study also found an improvement in gas mileage of over 133%. Less frontal area means less wind resistance, and less wind resistance results in less fuel consumption.

Another study done by the Georgia Institute of Technology determined that the omnivan® is far superior to its conventional step van counterpart. The omnivan’s total cubic feet was 36% of the step van’s, yet using a typical full inventory of each vehicle, the omnivan’s beverage case load was 84% higher than the step van’s due to the unusable aisle space and additional unusable shelf space in the step van. Product accessibility was also found to be superior because of the omnivan’s design. Unlike the step van, the loading and unloading of the omnivan® did not include stepping onto and off of the rear of the vehicle.

Because all cargo has its own secure spot, the omnivan® virtually eliminates the chance of breakage during transport which improves bottom line profits. All product is accessible from the curb.

Choose from one of four popular models – 156 case, 222 case, 364 case, or 416 case, OR we can custom build your omnivan® to your specifications.

The omnivan® for Beverage Delivery is equipped with unique omnirak® Beverage Racks designed specifically for beverage delivery.

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